Friday 6 May 2016

Valetta Harbour

My travelling companions have very different ideas on what to wear on a pleasure cruise around Valetta Harbour. I am firmly with my mother in law on this one, but I haven't included a shot of me wrapped up in a flowery blanket - although a fellow cruiser is modelling an identical one in the background of pic two.
It was definitely very nippy in the wind, but I then encountered another unexpected problem. We were sat on the left hand side of the boat, but the captain only mentioned the sights on view on the right hand side.
After about 30 frustrating minutes I went over to ask him if he could include anything for us to see. Big mistake!!!
He got very annoyed and said that it was a right handed cruise, so everything was on the right of the boat. He even said that under maritime law he couldn't mention the left hand view, as there was the worry that if he did people would rush across to look and the boat might tip over.
Fortunately we didn't capsize and we enjoyed the beautiful views, although not in sync with the commentary.

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