Sunday 22 May 2016

Ferry across the Mersey

We are at a campsite on The Wirral, which cleverly happens to be across the Mersey from Liverpool. We have been to Liverpool a few times in the past and it had a always rained really heavily, but we decided to give it a go again today.
We set off on our bicycles in bright sunshine and wearing teeshirts. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the map, so we got lost a few times and had to really sprint for the last couple of miles to get our ferry. During that final charge the skies darkened and the rain started coming down.
We were the last people on to the extremely crowded ferry and we ended up crushed in at the back. We only stayed on for a few minutes as it made a second stop on the Wirral side.
We got off and headed straight for the cafe to try and warm up, and then we spent an interesting half hour looking around a museum that contained a real German U boat.
Back on board an hour later we were pleased to see that this ferry was much quieter, and that it was the Dazzle Ferry.
This ferry, called Snowdrop, is a moving artwork that shows how ships were painted in the second world war to confuse the U boats. Apparently the brightly coloured geometric designs confused the eye and made it difficult to work our how close, how big or even in what direction the ship was heading.
However, we knew that the Dazzle Ferry was heading for Liverpool, and that if we got off it would mean spending an hour in the pouring rain and cold having a miserable time. We looked at the view of the seafront and the Liver Building and sensibly decided to stay on board, and instead listened to the commentary and Gerry and the Pacemakers singing their famous song.
Mysteriously, by the time we got back to The Wirral the rain was already subsiding, and back at the campsite we are enjoying a beautiful sunny evening.

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