Sunday 29 November 2020

New bench

 Darren found a bench on gumtree for £35 including delivery and it arrived a few days ago. It was supposed to be for the hallway so that we had somewhere to sit while we put on or took off our shoes. (I can't remember if I always needed somewhere to sit while I did this, but we are getting on a bit now.)

Anyway, within a couple of days he moved it in to the kitchen and it fits beautifully under the table. 

This is a bit of a weird photo of it, but I have taken it from the garden and the reflection makes it look as if I am standing on it. 

This one makes more sense. 

I have been busy wallpapering today and the upstairs hallway has taken on a whole new look. 

In real life it doesn't look quite as ott as this, fortunately. 

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