Wednesday 4 November 2020

Walk around the site

 What a beautiful sunny day today. We decided to get some fresh air and go for a walk around the site.

Our house is up on a bit of a hill by the Graven Hill woods, and then the ground slopes down towards the main road and railway lines. We managed to spot the top floor of our house in the distance. 

Quite a lot of the ground is flood plain, and after lots of rain it was quite full. 

It looks almost perfect, but I think that it could even better if a flock of flamingos moved in. About 50 would be spot on, although probably a bit unlikely.
The ford is also in operation and I knew this already because I went running down here yesterday. 

I tried my best to keep my feet dry by running along the grass verge, and managed quite well. Not so lucky were a group of soldiers coming in the opposite direction who must have run from the nearby barracks. Their commander shouted out to them to run straight through it, which I thought was a bit mean. 

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