Sunday 1 November 2020

Lime green paint

 Yesterday I heard the news about the proposed second lock down, so decided to do some shopping to help keep us busy in the coming weeks.

Almost top of the list was a tin of lime green paint, and I started to use it today. 

Susan suggested that I should have lime green accents around the kitchen table, so I took her views to heart and started painting the chairs. 

We have eight chairs that I bought from charity shops over the years, and they now have a bit of a theme. 

Darren has been working on a shelving unit by the front door to hide lots of sockets and weird wires. We are also going to have a little TV on the worktop that shows the pictures from the cctv.

At the moment there are no doors for it, but we are hopefully going to solve that problem by making some from mdf. I might even then paint them orange to match the front door.

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