Friday 22 January 2021

Expansion gap between the bricks

 First, a bit of disappointing news today - in a mood of great excitement I put the recycling bin out in the front garden. I tidily left it right at the end of the driveway, but I think that the dustbin lorry didn't notice it as it drove straight past.

Next week I am going to put it out in the middle of the road so that they have to either run over it or stop and empty it, and hopefully they will then add our house on to their route

But getting to the point of this blog, I have a handy tip. When building a brick house you end up with expansion gaps that go right to the top of your house, and they are there in case there is a bit of movement in the house. 

The tip is - make sure that you fill the gap in with the special mastic while the scaffolding is still up. This is very obvious really, but if you don't then you have to put up a tower and climb right to the very top of it to do it later.

I have also started on the front garden and the first little wall is now up, but it is very, very cold work. We have ordered the soil and gravel so I need to get a move on. 

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