Thursday 28 January 2021

Front garden progress

 Heavy rain overnight made the clay and soil a quagmire, but we just moaned a lot and carried on.

Darren was digging holes for the fence posts and the hole just kept filling up with water, despite our efforts to bail it out with a plant pot. 

Unfortunately the final post was not long enough to finish the job, but another is being delivered tomorrow, so there is no reveal today. 

However, my brick wavy wall is taking shape, and I spent ages filling behind it with extremely muddy soil.

Still quite a lot to be moved, but to break up the monotony I started on the planting. We are having a difference of opinion as to where to plant the plants, but I think eventually that I may win this argument.

Ps, I am really pleased with our post box on a stick, actually a scaffold pole that was left behind by mistake by the scaffolders. They were very precious about their scaffold boards and poles, and each one was marked with orange and green paint to show that it belonged to them. Our pole had a big blob of green paint on it, so I made sure to sand it all off because I didn't want an angry scaffolder knocking on the door and wanting his pole back. 

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