Saturday 23 January 2021

It's official - we have finished!

 The Building Inspector says that we are have passed Building Control!!!!!! Yippee. We have been building for nearly 18 months and are now dealing with our third Inspector, but the great day has arrived and we are just waiting for the paperwork. 

We celebrated with champagne yesterday, and then woke up a bit later than usual today. 

Of course there is still a bit more to do, so I was building little walls again today and Darren is laying the base for the shed. He also made a post for the letter box that I am in the middle of painting.

We stopped when it started to snow, but will be out there again tomorrow. 

Offical back and front photos. 


  1. Fantastic! Your hard work and attention to detail has really paid off - what a wonderful home!

  2. Well done! Looks amazing, can't wait to see it.