Tuesday 26 January 2021

Topsoil arrives

So last Friday we ordered the seven tons of topsoil needed for the front garden and other missing bits of the garden, and said that the earliest day for delivery would be Tuesday (today).

We worked hard on Saturday, but then on Sunday the snowy wonderland arrived, and was still beautiful yesterday. 

Obviously we did no preparatory work for those two days, and there was no chance that the soil would arrive today.

Off we went for a little walk this morning and then Darren's phone rang, the delivery man was a bit lost but only about five minutes away, and our soil was on the lorry. 

We ran back to meet him and after an extra run up on the ice, he got ready to drop off the soil through the tiny gap.

As we know from experience, all delivery drivers are very skilled and within another five minutes he was off on his way, and only a couple of smallish bags were buried under the mountain.

Undeterred, we set off again on our walk, and then once the thaw had started we moved a load of soil, Darren built the shed and I covered the pathways in gravel. 

A surprisingly productive day. 

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