Wednesday 3 February 2021

Front garden finished

 So yesterday I built the final wall in the front garden.

I can't imagine what Trevor (the bricklayer who built our house) would think when I stopped for lunch with only four more bricks to lay. Also, there was only four bricks remaining out of 13,500. After the break, I knocked up the final concrete mix, and in the end, I only needed three bricks, so we can use the last one to hold the gate open. 

Darren has also achieved something fantastic, as he has cleared and tidied the garage, so tonight for the very first time, the car is tucked away, warm and dry.

Photo showing the car in the garage - you will have to take my word for it.

I saved another £115 today at the garden centre and bought two more balls on sticks for the front garden. That's it now, no more purchases. 

Breaking news - I clumsily managed to knock one of the bricks off the wall, so tomorrow I will have to do a concrete mix for only one brick! 

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