Thursday 4 February 2021

Front gate finished

Two blogs on the trot and two finished jobs! Happy days.

At 7.30am this morning the doorbell rang and two pieces of metal arrived. We had decided to put in galvanised metal cross pieces for the fence next to the gate so that it matched better. (We bought the metal gate frame from another company, the wooden posts from an Oxford based wood shop, and the western red cedar slats from yet another different company.) 

Darren spent all day working out the spacing of the cedar wood and then drilling holes in the steel to fit it. By lunchtime it was pouring with rain, but he kept going and by the end of the day it was done. 

The wood matches the timber cladding on the house, and once the sun has been on it for a few months it should be the same colour.

Really pleased with it, and the gaps between the slats will allow sun from the back to occasionally reach the front garden. 

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