Sunday 21 November 2021

East coast beaches

A long drive today and a trip down memory lane. Along with most of the families in Nottingham, my family went to the Lincolnshire coast every summer for our annual holiday.

Our first stop today was Skegness, and we passed the famous dancing fisherman signpost on the way in. The weather was certainly bracing and the pier was a lot shorter than I remembered.

Lucky that we wrapped up warmly.

The town was quite lively, the lights from the amusement arcades were twinkling, and the clock tower was looking good.

We then went further up the coast to what used to be the centre of our universe - Sutton on Sea.

It had not changed much at all, and the paddling pool seemed to be exactly the same.

The beach was very different because there are huge banks of sand right up the top of the sea wall.  I thought that it was really beautiful, and even better than it was in the 1960's. 

We then walked along the seafront to the magnificent Breakwater Bungalows. Every year we had a fantastic holiday staying in them and they are still there, and exactly the same. They are all privately owned now and it looks as if they are lived in all year round.

Unfortunately, they don't photograph well, but I don't think that is important as it's the memories that matter.

Mablethorpe is just along the coast and we used to walk there for fish and chips. The sun had gone in by the time we reached it, and it did look a bit disappointing, and I couldn't find anything to photograph.

Our final destination was Cleethorpes which is new to me, and we are staying overnight in a nice Premier Inn.

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