Sunday 22 October 2023

Day at sea and Cadiz

Dawn is very late here in the Med, and yesterday was a sea day and we were strolling on the promenade deck just as the sun rose at 8.33am.

On every sea day I go to the Fitstep class. It is run by the ships dance troupe and the steps are unbelievably fast. Darren took this photo and for once we all appear to be in time and facing the right direction.

I am the only person dressed in lime green.

Today we have a full day in Cadiz, but the forecast is for 50 mile per hour winds and heavy rain from lunchtime onwards.

Instead, we got up before dawn to run our October half marathon. Cadiz is a very small place that used to be an island, but is now joined to the mainland by a narrow causeway. 

This was our route.

We set off through the town and stopped to look at a row of giant painted skulls in the main square.

The route then went along the seafront where we were joined by lots of other runners, dog walkers and even a few surfers.

Not in this picture though.

We ran right past the end of the town and on to the causeway. It was blowing a gale straight onto our faces and I suggested turning back. Darren was having non of it though, and actually we ended up on a nice wooden walkway, and a much easier return.

You can see the rain clouds gathering and it was a wet run back.

Just having a lazy afternoon on board, and the captain has delayed our departure until 4am tomorrow morning to avoid the storm. It's all aboard at 2am so we have plenty of time later to go out clubbing.

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