Tuesday 10 October 2023


Another lovely sunny day, and a challenging outing. Yet again a shuttle bus was laid on for the 4k journey to Dubrovnik old town, and yet again we didn't take it.

Our run started fairly easily with a little run along a harbour, but then it sloped uphill, and then the very familiar steps appeared.

Lots of up, then lots of down and then through the massive gate into Dubrovnik.

It was still early and most of the shops were closed, so we jogged down the incredible main street.

We had a good look around the town and harbour and noticed that the crowds were gathering.

We then started on the challenging part of the day - the 400 metre climb up to the top of the mountain.

Garmin says that I have climbed up 145 flights of stairs today and it certainly feels like it. Once at the top there is very little to see. (Apart from a very good museum that explains about the war 25 years ago. We went in last time but didn't today.)

Instead we were getting tired and thirsty so set off on a little path back towards the ship.

It was extremely rutted and full of rocks so there was very little actual running going on at this point.

Once we rounded the mountain there was a brilliant view of the Azura.

All we had to do was get back down to it on the ankle breaker path. It got extremely steep, but then we turned onto a little street, and then on to a path that was just hundreds of concrete steps down to sea level.

Back at the ship now for a massive lunch and a lie down.

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