Sunday 15 October 2023


We were up very early today and sat up on deck waiting for the sunrise.

Prior to our arrival I did not have particularly high hopes for Palermo, however the ship's leaflet said 'Palermo is a city rich in art, culture, and street food and is considered the pearl of Sicily. It is also famous for having the second largest historic centre in Europe '. Strong praise Indeed, and definitely correct.

The old town was amazing and we walked around snapping constantly.

This street didn't even get a mention in our guide, and we sat at the end to enjoy a cappuccino.

This was one of four matching buildings that made up a pedestrian square. We were there early and apparently by lunchtime it is so busy that it's impossible to walk through.

A couple more lovely views. 

Finally, the centre is mostly traffic free, but the streets are all very narrow and occasionally a moped or brave car squeeze through them.

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