Monday 9 October 2023


We arrived at Zadar, Croatia this morning, and in a change from our last visit many years ago, the ship now docks four kilometres out of town. There is then a shuttle bus for the passengers into town.

We weren't going to catch that, so Darren devised a route that took us from the dock, all around Zadar and back again.

In contrast to the other stops so far, Zadar was extremely flat, so easier on the legs.
The old town is the very small section at the top, but getting there and back was also mostly very scenic.

Alongside a marina, then over a pedestrian bridge, through the fortified walls and into the old town.

The biggest tourist attraction unfortunately cannot be seen at all. It is called a sea organ and it is a selection of pipes in the side of the promenade, and when waves go through them it makes random organ like sounds.

You will have to take my word for it that it is under the pavement, and people are standing still and listening to it.

Our final stop was when we were nearly back at the ship, and was called a beach on the map.

No sand or waves and you had to step down off a promenade into it. A couple of people were swimming, and the water looked very clean and clear. I managed a paddle, and my face shows that I was shocked by the temperature.

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