Wednesday 18 October 2023

Palma, Mallorca

Spain today, and we have docked disappointingly far from the centre of Palma on the island of Mallorca.

Not put off by the scorching weather, we set off at a jog out of the port and to the town.

It was possible to run alongside the road, but of course we had to use the stepping stones across a river.

We slowed to a walk around the town, and yet again lots of beautiful buildings.

In fact, it looked like a mini Barcelona, but much less crowded. One reason for this is that Antonio Gaudi spent twelve years in the early 1900's in Palma, and his influence spread widely across the town.

This beautiful building started life as an elegant department store, but the double height oblong shaped windows housed a very fancy dental surgery.

Joan Miro also lived in Palma and this sculpture commemorates him.

For a long time me and my sister thought that Joan Miro was a woman, but actually he wasn't, and his name is pronounced something like One Mirrow.

Both Miro and Gaudi have big foundations here that we didn't get chance to see, and the island is now on our list of places to come back to .

A must see is the Cathedral which took an astonishing 300 plus years to be completed.

It was damaged in an earthquake in 1851, and Gaudi spent many years reconstructing and remodelling the interior. However, he left it unfinished in 1914 after arguments with the contractors and the death of his great friend the Bishop.

We didn't go inside, and just opposite is a palace, and on a hill nearby is a good looking castle. We didn't visit those either.

All in all, many reasons to return.

Finally, a slow jog back to the ship, and flaked out for the rest of the day.

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