Friday 20 October 2023


We arrived at Malaga and our ship spent the day in the very glamorous port area.

This is the outside of the Pompidou Centre, and we had a quick peep inside, decided that it wasn't for us and carried on in to town.

We passed by a 200 million dollar super yacht, owned by a business man from Kazakhstan, that is spending the winter in the harbour, and along a covered walkway.

Our destination was the train station and we spent a total of just over six euros to journey along the coast to Benalmadena.

We then spent a happy few hours wandering back along the boardwalk.

Yet again we were lucky with the weather and joined the crowds eating ice cream and soaking up the sun.

Another sea day tomorrow and we will be passing Gibraltar and out of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. I think that we may see a big change in the weather and the sea.

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