Sunday 26 February 2012

Breakfast at the Warsaw Diner

Having a non cooking and being socialable weekend.
Went to Jamies last night with Mark, Pauline, Susan and Paul. The food was nice but we were in a small gloomy room and I could not read the menu, so the friendly waiter lent me his phone on the torch setting.
Got up this morning and S and P joined us in walking to the Warsaw Diner. Timed it quite well as was quite quiet when we arrived, but chock full of students by the time we got our eggs.
Cycled this afternoon to see Tina and Matt and was all set for an early tea at KFC, but the queue was so slow that Darren had time to read the notice saying how many calories were in each meal, so we beat a hasty retreat.
Malcolm and Carolyn round later tonight for G and Ts and nibbles (cold ones only!)

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