Wednesday 8 February 2012

Orange Wednesday

Today is the start of a new regular feature in our lives - Orange Wednesday.
If you haven't heard of it before, it means that we can go to the pictures each Wednesday for half price.
A few years ago we had a new years resolution to do exactly this. So on the first Wednesday in January we set off for a meal beforehand, and then on to the cinema. When we got there we realised we had turned up at the wrong time for the film we wanted to see, couldn't find another we liked so went for a drink instead. We didn't bother to go on the second Wednesday in January.
But here we are again, older and wiser and giving it another go. We were supposed to start it last Wednesday but we went to my sisters instead, and we can't already do next Wednesday because Darren has arranged to go out, so tonight is the start of a slightly intermittent fixture.
Ps going to see The Artist.


  1. You do realise there's no talking in it and it's in black and white? The dog is cute though...

  2. Yes, but I had high hopes as I think it won the Oscar. Review of the film - a bit too slow at times and fortunately not too long. Easy plot but I have never been a fan of tap dancing. Review of the Broadway cinema, excellent capuccino, friendly helpful staff and very comfortable purple seats.
    Overall, enjoyed the cinema slightly more than the film, but will go again.