Monday 6 February 2012

Hello Russia

The BBC weatherman has said that this snowy weather has made it's way over from Russia, although it is obviously still a lot warmer here than it is there.
Interestingly, (well I think so anyway) this blog gets an average of 30 views per day, and 10% of them are from Russia. As I don't know anyone in Russia, this is very surprising.
So if you are reading this today in Russia then
Привет и я надеюсь, вы завернуты тепло слишком сегодня



  1. 10% sounds a lot better than 3

  2. Yes, Darren said the same thing. Personally I am amazed that 30 people view my blog each day - I don't have that many friends!!
    ps I was really hoping someone would comment in Russian!