Thursday 10 May 2012

Beautiful Amalfi coast

Went for a drive along the gorgeous Amalfi coast. This is about a 20 mile journey in total along very narrow roads high up above the coast along the cliffs.
The first photo is of Amalfi town itself, where we stopped for a fairly pricy, but very tasty lunch.
The second photo is of a rather small bus travelling along a rather small street where all of the pedestrians had to nip in to shop doorways to let it pass.
Now imagine that we spent the day on a gigantic coach travelling along the same small streets.
It got quite embarrassing the way we had to inch around corners holding other people up, but there were lots of these massive creatures about.
Mid afternoon we came across some workmen blocking part of the road and in trying to get around them our driver scraped a wall really badly. Put it this way, if we were a boat, we would have sank.
I think they should all be banned and the route should just be for cyclists and donkey riders, then it would be perfect.

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