Tuesday 18 September 2012

Sky tower and giant spiders

Queued for ages to get to the top of the Sky Tower.
Excellent view and I can see our hotel. We are just behind the black triangular shaped building in the middle of the picture. We can see the Tower from our hotel room although it is partly obscured by a half built building across the road. Darren has solved this problem by opening our patio doors and walking along what could possibly be called a balcony, but is actually only about a foot wide and with a very flimsy looking railing to take a photo from a different angle. I took about two steps but was too frightened to go further.
Paul sent us a newspaper article that said that two giant 3D daddy long legs had been painted on the roof of a factory in Seattle and we saw them from the top of the tower. It looked pretty realistic, particularly when you weren't expecting to see them.

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