Saturday 8 September 2012

World Event Young Artists 2012

Had never heard of this until a couple of days ago, but a lot of it is taking place in the Market Square.
Due to the lovely weather we have been out and about today checking out events.
I have to say, the info I can find online is very poor, but we went to the Lakeside Arts Centre and saw what I think was an exhibit by Alana Tyson which appears to be a ruffled black curtain, but it could be that her proper work is behind it and she is you going to unveil it later - sorry I don't appreciate this modern stuff, and I'm standing in front of it.
We then went to Wollaton Hall where we thought there were more events, but we couldn't find them. Far better though, the Industrial Museum was open and we saw an original Chopper, just like Daz had in the olden days.
Finally, we got back home and there is 'Clash of the styles' dance performance on. It is really good, and check out the amazing action shot!

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