Tuesday 18 September 2012

Way, way up north

On a cruise that left Seattle on Sunday afternoon and are heading directly north to Alaska.
Lovely bright sunshine today and we keep looking out for whales, eagles and other wildlife. We have seen what we think are a few porpoises leaping in the waves along the side of the ship.
The ship is massive and we have a cabin on the 14th floor, which also happens to be the same floor as the pizza bar and the swimming pools.
There is a nightclub on the 18th floor on a raised platform. It has a moving walkway to get to it as it is slightly uphill and we have spent a while messing around on it trying to recreate a video I saw on you tube where the band have a load of running machines and they dance backwards and forwards on it in time to the music. (You need to see it to understand what I mean.)
It's a sea day today so you can either go to the onboard entertainment, or make your own.

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