Tuesday 23 July 2013

Customising the campervan

We have spent a lot of time now in the camper, so have started to individualise it.
Darren has put up dozens of hooks of differing sizes, all with their own function. He has also put plate and cup hooks on the inside of doors, and my personal favourite, he made a wine glass storer out of a kitchen roll holder.
The telly is now on the wall, the washing is in its own basket hanging from the ceiling of the cab and almost every square inch is utilised.
We have a daytime mode, where all of the bedding is on the front seat, the bikes are in the footwell, the passenger chair is swivelled and the silver screens are in the windows.
The night time mode involves swapping loads of things about, and driving mode incorporates a bike in the bathroom.
When we leave we have to run through a checklist to make sure nothing is left behind or suddenly springs out of a cupboard as we drive along, although we are starting to get the hang of it now.
It's good to get organised.


  1. So what's on the back of Darren bike

  2. A clothes stand to dry the washing on. Forgot to mention it in the blog. You were right about the overheating fridge and we have taken the front off and it works beautifully now.