Thursday 25 July 2013

Jousting at Arundel Castle

We walked to Arundel from our campsite, making use of a footpath across open countryside.
The first section was pleasant, but then we had to walk through a field of enormous cows, who all stared at us the whole time and would not move out of the way. I decided upon an action plan, which was to walk around the perimeter of the field, and if anything charged, then I would somehow leap the electric fence. Fortunately, nothing did so I did not have to test my plan. Darren does not trouble himself with such details, but then he always has the default option as he can sprint faster than me.
We had to navigate three cow and bull fields, and then one horse field before safely arriving at the Castle.
The Castle was in the middle of its annual jousting week, and we had a lovely time eating our picnic while watching the proceedings.
We then walked around the rooms of the castle, as recommended by Dave, and they were spectacular, as were the gardens.
After a lovely afternoon we were ready to walk back along the road. However, it was really busy and had no pavement, so we had no choice but to brave the farm animals again. The horses field was easy and I strode confidently ahead into a farmyard. As soon as I stepped off the stile, a mini herd of sheep came galloping towards me, all baaing at the top of their voices. They were very interested in the carrier bag with tonights dinner in it so I had to hold it above my head, shout 'go away' repeatedly, and hotfoot it to the next stile to escape them.
Sometimes it is hard work being me!

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