Monday 12 January 2015

Worst weather in 100 years........

....... last week here in Cyprus!

Apparently this is true, or so our hotel manager tells us. It snowed, rained loads and the temperature went down to minus 2.
Things are a lot more normal now, although not bikini temperatures yet. I went for a little walk along the beachside path and there was sand and pebbles piled up all along it, so the sea must have got pretty rough as well.
Fortunately our hotel is fantastic, and we are 'all inclusive'  so we have no incentive to venture far afield yet.
The seafront area is glorious with two scenic outdoor pools, a huge koi carp pond and sunbeds with attractive umbrellas.
All we need is a bit of heat, but in the meantime the bar and restaurant will keep us fully occupied.

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