Wednesday 28 January 2015

Bulwell Bogs

Bulwell is the nearest shopping centre to where my mum and dad live, and they have lived in the same house since before I was born.
It is not an attractive place, but I have tried to find three interesting things to tell you about.
Bulwell Bogs is a little park just next to the Market Place with the river Leen running through it. I remember visiting since I was tiny, but the stocks are a recent reintroduction.  There used to be real stocks in the same place and they were officially last used in 1911, although unofficially after that date, people were still being locked in the stocks.
Just behind the stocks is a little duck slide, and we watched as quite a few mallards enjoyed using it.
Finally, Bulwell Market is the place to buy fruit and veg, cobs and cakes, nighties and onesies, wool and kiddies clothes, fresh fish, sell your gold and eat a jacket potato - amongst other things.
As a family we used to go down there on Fridays to buy knitting wool as my dad used to own a knitting machine. He made jumpers that he sold to bring in a bit of extra money. (He also had an allotment and a full time job in the coal mines.)

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