Friday 30 January 2015

Snowman's eye view of Wollaton Hall

We awoke to snow this morning, so walked to Wollaton Park to see if we could find the deer that live in the grounds.
The Hall was looking magnificent in the brilliant sunshine and I stood with a snowman to enjoy the view. Unfortunately for him, the sun was a little bit too strong and his head looked about to fall off. I callously left him to his fate and went off to look for the deer.
There are two types of deer in the Park and I always think of them as large and small, but I looked them up today and they are actually called red and fallow.
First up was a big herd of red deer relaxing on the golf course. The biggest one, who sported totally crazy antlers kept staring at me, so I carefully kept my distance.
A few minutes later we found the fallow group who were quite dainty in comparison, and they continued eating an early lunch during the photo shoot.
Finally we walked round to the front of the hall where there is a long slope that is ideal for sledging. It was quite empty as today is a school day, but there were a few intrepid tobogganers around.
When I was little we used to visit here to join in the fun, and 40 years later the sledge is still stored in my mum and dad's garage.

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