Sunday 1 February 2015

Step counters and magic cat trick

We went to see our friends Tina and Matt today, and they had both recently bought step counting bracelets.
They bought a different brand to mine, and are very competitive, so obviously we had to go out on a pre dinner hike.
Tina achieved a new personal best of over 16,000 steps and it  looks as if I have walked more than 59,000, but that is only because the camera was upside down - I actually only did 12,665.
It was a bit unfair as my legs are longer than theirs, so they both did more steps over the same distance. Strangely in the photo of Shipley Country Park it looks as if I was standing on a ladder to take the shot, but this just illustrates my point about leg lengths.
Finally, I read an article a couple of weeks ago on the Internet about cats, and we tested the theory out on their kitten called Martha. Apparently, if you make a circle on the ground, your cat will immediately walk over and sit in the middle of it. Yes, I can confirm that it is true.

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