Friday 13 February 2015

Spanish sardines

We have encountered a potential problem today that we were not prepared for - full campsites.
On our journey through Spain last year, from early October until just before Christmas, almost all of the campsites we stayed at were at least half empty. In fact, on at least two occasions we were the only guests there, which I found a bit scary overnight. From the washroom point of view it was fantastic though, as we both had about eight toilets and shower cubicles each to choose from.
We left our campsite in Torremelinos this morning and it was fairly full, although it's facilities weren't great. Cold showers aren't my thing, and a lot of people point it out on TripAdvisor, so that perhaps explains why there was plenty of room.
We arrived at Torre del Mar at about 12.30pm today and of the 120 spaces, 119 were already occupied. The only space left was a tiny triangle that backs on to a 12 feet high concrete wall. We also share the plot with three large tree trunks that tried their best to scrape the van on our way in. Our bottom sticks slightly out on to the road, but nobody seems keen on moving, so we should be fine.
The campsite is full of all nationalities - French, German, Dutch, Swedish, British and a few Spanish mainly.
With the notable exception of ourselves, everyone seems to fill almost every square inch of their plot.
On a quick stroll around I saw bicycles, electric bikes motor bikes, mobility scooters, quad bikes, dogs in all shapes and sizes, one pet cat, pot plants (plastic and real), awnings, separate tents with full kitchens in them, windbreaks, astroturf, trailers of all shapes and sizes, tables and chairs, sun loungers, flags, satellite dishes, etc, etc.
It makes us look really frugal, but just imagine having to pack it all away every couple of days. Fingers crossed that we can still keep moving.
Ps, it only costs about £13 per night so we can't grumble.

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