Sunday 22 February 2015


We decided to go for a Sunday morning stroll in the opposite direction from yesterday, to a little place called Aguadulce.
We set off along the seaside track, and within about 10 minutes we turned a corner and found ourselves on a red white striped promenade in a lovely town.
Even more surprisingly it was packed with Spanish locals all walking up and down enjoying the sunshine.
We walked as far as an upmarket harbour at the base of high, orange coloured cliffs.
We then decided to treat ourselves and stop for cocktails at a posh beachfront bar, where we settled ourselves into prime seats in the sunshine. It was very busy so we soaked up the atmosphere and views for a few minutes, but nobody came to take our order. After a couple more minutes we decided that we had enjoyed the break, and as the cocktails were going to cost almost as much as a night's accommodation, we decided to leave.
We headed down the front steps onto the beach and as we were so close to the sea, we decided to paddle home.
Ps, Darren makes a fantastic sangria and we are looking forward to one or two later.

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