Thursday 19 February 2015


We drove about 45 kms along the rocky and dramatic coast today and are now in the area called Costa Tropical. Our campsite is just next to the beach and only 8 kms away from yet another lovely white hillside village.
I thought that it would be nice to cycle along the narrow roads through fields and then up the steep streets to the castle at the top of Salobreña.
All was going well until Darren passed a driveway and a dog ran out behind him. I panicked, stopped and then turned back, but Darren hadn't seen it so carried on.
The dog stood in the middle of the road just looking at me. I put my rain jacket on as added protection in case it bit me, waited for ages in case someone drove past that I could get past it with, but then Darren came back to look for me. I think I was then going to try to cycle past it, but instead Darren came back to me and we had to cycle along the busy and fast main road instead.
We got to the castle and found that it was closed - normally that would be quite funny, but today it was just annoying.
We cycled to a lower viewpoint and got some nice pictures and then had a quick look at the beach, but I had then to worry about getting back.
In the end we found another bigger, but quiet road and we got back without seeing any more dogs - but not a good day.
One day I will sort out my dog problems, but I really can't imagine how.

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