Wednesday 11 February 2015


Great start today as the sun was shining and we quickly caught the train to the cable car station in Benalmadena. We were all prepared to ride to the top of the mountain, and even had our hiking boots on especially for the walks around the summit.
Unfortunately, the cable car was closed for maintenance, so instead we had to hike around the pretty old town (with massive plant pots), then down to the harbour.
Look closely at the background in pic 2 and you can just see where we had intended to visit.
Instead we enjoyed a café con leche in the sun, and then hiked 12k along the seafront back to our campsite.
Ps, I nearly got my haircut in Benalmadena, but no one ever cuts it as I would like it, so when we got home I asked Daz to give it a go. He has no experience, but quickly built up confidence, hacking away madly while asking if I have been on holiday recently!  It all got a bit stressful and I hardly dared look in the mirror when he had finally put the scissors down, but actually it's okay - I think.

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