Tuesday 10 February 2015

On the beach

Our first visit of 2015 to a beach, and here we are at Torremelinos. The long sandy beach was deserted so we had a bit of a laugh on our own.
It was very windy and the sea was rough. A few seconds before I took the photo of Daz, a huge wave had washed right through the swan house, so we waited for it to do it again. I had the scene planned - Darren was supposed to jump up the pole and hang on while the sea swept underneath him. We waited for ages but it didn't happen again, so you will just have to imagine it.
In pic 2, I was once again practicing cartwheels. I am definitely getting worse, and I wasn't good to begin with.
We noticed that even though it is only early February, the town is getting ready for the tourist season. The pedalos are out on the beach, a whole section of parasols had been re-thatched, and workmen were painting and decorating the beachside bars and cafés.
Roll on Spring.

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