Thursday 26 February 2015

Sierra de Cabo de Gata

Bright sunshine today and the whole area looks completely different. I drew up a circular route and off we set on our bikes, past yesterday's ghost town and then up into the Cabo de Gata National Park.
We rounded a bend and saw that the road was closed as workmen were repairing it. Fortunately it opened for five minutes every hour, and we had a 45 minute wait, so we sat for a while enjoying the view - pic 1.
After that we set off in again, following a smooth paved road as it switch backed up the mountain side. The views were amazing and from the top we could see tiny deserted beaches in both directions.
The road then turned into a rough track and we juddered down the other side, eventually ending up at one of the gorgeous beaches.
Inland was just as amazing and it was really dry, with huge cactuses growing amongst the rocks. It reminded me of Red Rock canyon near Las Vegas, where back in the day we got married.
It was a truly exceptional day and very unexpected.
Sierra de Cabo de Gata National Park - five stars!

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