Saturday, 21 February 2015

Roquetas del Mar

Sporty day today as Darren jogged 5kms along the beachside path from our campsite to the ancient castle in the centre of Roquetas del Mar.
I was not quite so lively, so I cycled there with a change of clothes and water for the athlete.
We had a look around and there was lots of little bars and cafes along the seafront, but we were looking for a shoe shop, of which there was no sign.
Darren then changed back into his running gear for the return journey.
As it was such a lovely day, and Daz had done far more exercise than me, I decided to go for a walk along our beach. A lot of it was very shingly, but I soon found a nice sandy stretch and couldn't resist a little paddle - first of the year.
I took a felfie to mark the occasion, and the water wasn't even too cold.
Ps, felfie - that's a foot selfie if you don't recognise it.

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