Thursday 12 February 2015

Malaga Port

Not such good weather today, so we decided to catch the train to Malaga, which is only a few kilometres from our campsite.
We picked up a leaflet and followed a walking route that took us down to the Port area. It had a beautiful swirly roofed contraption that stretched right along the waterfront. Running parallel to it was a lovely park full of palm trees and exotic plants. It was all very nice, but very quiet today.
Once we reached the seashore, we found that the harbour was protected by huge square concrete blocks piled up above the water line.
I liked this graffiti of a scary monkey on one of them so got Darren to risk life and limb by scrambling over to pose next to it.
We then spent the next three hours in a cafe sorting out our future travel plans. Unfortunately, we haven't decided where we are moving to tomorrow yet, but April is mostly sorted - it is very exciting, as well being fiendishly complicated.

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