Thursday 15 January 2015

Follow the never ending path

Today we caught a bus to Limassol, had a good look around and then walked back along the seafront path to our hotel.
Darren and I walked the same route two days ago in a howling gale and rainstorm, so it was very pleasant to do it again without getting soaking wet and wrestling with a very unruly umbrella.
We told Darren's mum that it wasn't far so she happily joined us. Unfortunately, our definition of 'not far' didn't really tally with hers. It also didn't help when Darren said that we just needed to walk until the path ended, and then we would be nearly there.
The path just kept going, stretching on to the horizon, which we didn't notice last time. 
Eventually we had to stop for a quick break when it appeared that the path would truly never end, and I think that Darren's mum is smiling through gritted teeth! 
However, about 100 metres after setting off again it suddenly ended, and we marched across a small beach until we stopped at a riverbed that had been dry on our last journey.
This time the final remains of yesterday's torrent was reaching the sea so we had to balance along a little shingle bank before we made it safely back to the hotel  (the fancy building in the background on pic 3).
Ps, nice to see a little bit of sunshine today.

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