Friday 25 March 2016

La Azohia circuit

We had a very tiring day today as we went on an outing that I devised myself.
It started with an easy cycle ride along the coast, parking our bikes at the little seaside resort of La Azohia. We then set off on a hike.
Last year while out walking nearby, I disturbed a snake that shot past my feet at great speed. I jumped in the air and swore very loudly, but I am sure that my reaction time was much slower than his.
To avoid the worry of a similar situation where it might leap straight up one of my legs, I have gone for the jeans option. Daz doesn't have the same sort of imagination as me, so has gone for shorts.
We marched up hill and down dale, lost the path for a while and scrambled down a steep slope with very sharp rocks and slippery gravel underfoot.
It was good fun though and we found the path at the bottom of the hill. We then hiked up a really steep slope for our picnic stop at the halfway point.
Feeling suitably refreshed we headed off, did the second half of the walk and made it back to the bikes.
All that remained was the short cycle along a quiet road back to the campsite. I was in front and heard a loud rustling at the side of the road, and just had time to see a giant snake slithering away into some bushes.
Possibly the word 'giant' is pushing it a bit, but I class it as a lucky escape.

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