Wednesday 1 June 2016

Animal magic and a sad goodbye

Wow, it's just non stop excitement at the Caravan Club National, and I haven't got room to include everything.
I will have a go though, starting with a few animal based acts in the Display Arena.
First up was a lively lady doing gymnastics on the backs of two almost galloping horses.
Another highlight was a very entertaining flock of racing sheep, complete with mini jockeys. They wouldn't have run if there wasn't a sheep dog chasing them round, but apparently they really enjoy it.
I am not so sure about the llama high jumpers, as they wouldn't always leap, but they are quite big and opinionated animals and it didn't really make much difference to the performance whether they jumped or not.
There was so many things that we didn't know about in advance so we hadn't made a cake for the Queen's birthday party, or a handmade greetings card, or a knitted scarf, or a carved walking stick handle, or a jar of jam - the list was endless.
We missed the sheepdog trials, the darts competition and the dog show, but we did try our hand at archery and Darren got a certificate for finishing in 7th place in the fun run.
We also had tickets for the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers tribute show on the last evening. It is fair to say that we are not big country music fans, but I do love 'Islands in the stream', and I had said to Darren that we couldn't leave until they had sung it.
Luck was on our side as it was the very first song that they sang, and it was excellent. From that great start it slid gracefully downhill, although Dolly did sing a spirited 'Jolene'.
Finally, the sun set on our eventful bank holiday weekend and we are going to spend a few days with friends and family before setting off again.

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