Monday 27 June 2016

Brighton renovations

We have spent the last few days ripping everything out of the flat, and at one stage all that was left was the toilet. If we had left it like that we could have charged the tourists 20 pence a visit and made a fortune!
However, Darren quickly removed it, and then the wall behind it looked very wobbly so of course, we ripped that out as well. It was a bit of a surprise to find two huge wooden doors, but we didn't try to open them as they would have taken us straight into the bedroom of the flat behind us.
We have got an electrician in at the moment so we are taking a bit of a break, although it should only take him two days to get the first fix in.
Did I mention that we have a sea view? It's a bit distant but from our bay window we can definitely see a bit of blue. It looks even better since I took this photo as I have cleaned the windows and suddenly the whole room looks much brighter.
Ps, we forgot to bring a ladder so Daz did a bit of improvising and then built us a platform out of raw ingredients that he found in the flat.
Pps, I got a bit over confident climbing off it and took quite a spectacular tumble, so I am covered in bruises but am a lot more careful now.

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