Saturday 18 June 2016

Tiny flat in Brighton

We have decided to slow down a little and have just bought the smallest flat on sale in Brighton.
At the moment it is extremely tatty and unpleasant, but we have lots of plans for it. It is just one room and we have been having lively discussions for weeks about how best to cram in a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bed and a huge telly.
We think that we have solved it, although that is only on paper and not yet in real life. It is exciting, and we are planning to have a fold up bed, possibly a window seat and lots of cupboards that reach right up to the ceiling.
Whatever happens it is about three times the size of our campervan, so it looks like a mansion to us.
We are going to be spending a few weeks doing the renovations and it will keep us out of mischief.
Ps, we visited Margs, the winner of my handmade rope competition on the way south, and here she is accepting her prize. Unfortunately she then realised just how much it really did smell and threw it quickly outdoors on to her patio.

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