Tuesday 7 June 2016

Castleton loop

We are up in the Derbyshire Peak District at a campsite just next to Castleton. It is a beautiful little village that is filled with cute little cottages, roses round the doors and dozens of tourists.
It is surrounded by a high ring of hills and we set off today on a circular hike around the top of all of them.
It was quite a major expedition so we stocked up with an amazing malteser cake from the local store. 
The views were incredible and the weather was glorious - what a wonderful place.


  1. All the best things are from Derbyshire 😀

    1. I thought that you were from Yorkshire - surely you aren't referring to Paul?

  2. Derbyshire born and bred, but from a place so close to South Yorkshire it's easier to tell people Im from Sheffield than try to explain where Killamarsh is. Paul, despite living in Liverpool for 8 years is a proper southern softie and was born in Guildford.

  3. Good answer - are you hoping to win some rope?

  4. Just slightly envious looking at your photos and thinking about that malteser cake.

  5. Good answer - are you hoping to win some rope?