Monday 19 April 2021

Busman's holiday

 We have just got back from a lovely few days away. We have been staying at the Premier Inn at Buckhurst Hill because we have been working hard. For the last four days we have been turning Darren's sister's living room in to two bedrooms and a corridor, as she wanted to reconfigure her flat to make it work better for her family.

Darren built all of the stud walls, fitted two doors, insulated the walls and put up the plasterboard. We got in each others way a bit, but I taped and jointed the plastererboard, wallpapered it and did a bit of painting.

What made it extra nice though, was our early morning walks to work through Epping Forest. Every morning was frosty, dry and sunny and we saw wildlife, ponies, golfers, cyclists and dog walkers.

The leisure walkers such as ourselves were well catered for as there was a surprising number of tree swings, which I couldn't resist trying.

I also got a couple of feet up in to a tree, and I very sensibly didn't try to cross the stream over numerous fallen branches as I am getting very clumsy and it would only have ended badly.

We also found a great coffee shop and sat outside with a cappuccino and almond croissant every morning before starting work.

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