Thursday 8 April 2021

Wedding anniversary walk

 I suggested a walk around Port Meadow on the outskirts of Oxford for our wedding anniversary. Okay, I know that in the past we have done much more exciting things, but it was the best that we could do.

We arrived and parked at the edge of a huge rather boring looking field and my expectations sank a little.

After skirting the edge for about 20 minutes the route then took us out through a little wood and it started to improve.

Then we went along the side of some well kept allotments and on to the beautiful canal. There are some very nice houses backing on to the water, some great seating areas and lots of canoes and rowing boats.

Our turning point in Oxford was the station so we nipped inside to use the facilities and grab a cappuccino and, luxury of luxuries, an indoor seat. Seeing as we were celebrating I splashed out on an egg and cress sandwich to go with my coffee. Disappointingly there was no empty chairs by the coffee shop so we had to sit right next to the ladies toilets. Even more disappointingly, my sandwich was semi frozen so it resembled a choc ice, but nowhere near as pleasant.

I forgot to take an inside shot of the station, but this is the view as we left.

Onwards and upwards, we then joined the river Thames and followed the southern bank all of the way back to a lock, an ancient ruined Abbey and our car. 

This section was lovely and it's always good to explore new places. 

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