Wednesday 28 April 2021

Brighton beach

 Another day, another beach. This time we are in Brighton, our absolute favourite seaside town and the only place we would consider if we are going to get a little flat.

Much colder and wetter than yesterday, but still lovely.

For the first time in ages something has come up that we like the look of and can afford, so let's see what it's like.

First impressions- very rusty railings and a nice street, also extremely close to the sea.

The estate agent cheated with their photos and showed a sea view, but that was actually taken from a flat on a higher floor than ours, and as the window to our flat is behind the very fancy car, then a totally impossible view!

Still, it is very pretty. Almost as pretty as another flat that went on the market today that is way above our price range and is even a bit smaller. Unbelievably, our old flat in Brighton is now up for sale and we can't afford to buy it back!

Anyway, we liked this one, it needs some work and we have put in an offer, along with four other people, and we will find out tomorrow if we have got it.

Fingers and toes crossed!

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