Sunday 4 April 2021

Sporty few days

I am counting down the weeks until the parkrun starts again. I think that there are eight weeks to go, and every Saturday morning I do a fake parkrun. Yesterday I was very pleased as I managed quite a fast one, for me anyway.

Today we did a re run of the outing to Woodstock, but this time S and P joined us.

I was a bit worried about keeping up, but after about 15 kilometres it was going well so I went to the front of the peloton, just as we got to the top of a steep downhill section. I am now a fan of speedy descents, but as the leader on the road I thought it only right to set a speedy pace.

Unfortunately I went straight over a big pothole with a bounce. Undeterred I carried on and then at the bottom found that I had a puncture.

Fortunately Darren came to the rescue and fixed it for me, and I stayed mostly towards the back after that.

We stopped for coffee again at Woodstock but all of the benches were taken so we all sat on the pavement. Classily S and P brought a blanket along to keep them warm, but it was so nice in the sunshine that they just sat on it. 

A nice ride home and then we had wine and peanuts on their terrace. A perfect end to a lovely sunny day. 

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