Wednesday 31 March 2021

Bike ride to Woodstock

What a beautiful warm and sunny day today. We celebrated by going on an excellent bike ride. Bicester Cycling Club have put their cycle routes online and we followed their 52km taster ride.

It was a lovely journey along deserted roads through the Oxfordshire countryside.

At one point we got stuck behind a peloton of lycra clad club cyclists and I could easily have overtaken them, but it seemed a bit rude and fortunately our journey then took us on a side trip down a Sustrans off road section.

Obviously, no bike ride is complete without a coffee and cake stop which we enjoyed in the very upmarket and pleasant village of Woodstock.

Then a nice run home just in time for lunch. 


  1. Nice mclarren in the photo think I’d like that village 😁

  2. Yes, we saw the fancy car. It's a beautiful village right next door to Blenheim Palace so well worth a visit.